how do YOU create new clients?


I’ve been thinking about this this morning in preparation for our blab…. on the surface, this could simply be a marketing question that we could solve by implementing any number of marketing tactics. however, Laura and I started these weekly conversations because we wanted to remember and share community with entrepreneurs who are oriented towards having heart centered and whole hearted businesses, and success.

what that means to me then is I spend about half of my time on researching, learning, skills and implementation. and,  easily half of my mental and emotional energy is spent of getting my head and heart in the right space, and researching, studying and implementing what THAT looks like.

when it comes to client creation, i don’t think it matters the industry, although I can’t wait to see what some of you out there might think of that.

what i do believe is that I first start with my intentions of having a successful life and business. I did some work crafting my own definition of success, and I’m going to share it, even though it’s a bit long… you guys okay with that?


I believe success is “the progressive realization of worthy goals & continued expansion of happiness…”

I define success as
1–nurturing the seeds of my divinity, my connection to true self,
2–cultivating the curiosity and willingness to work towards living wholeheartedly,
3–good health, energy & enthusiasm,
4–fulfilling relationships,
5–creative freedom,
6–emotional/psychological stability,
7–a sense of well being and peace of mind,
8–professional success that fulfills my purpose here in this world (to serve and to bring love), hand in hand with,
9–financial abundance that takes care of me and those I love with ease and generosity.

when i work with my professional intentions, phrases like this come up for me; I want to work with people who love what they do, who are kind, who want to grow, who have healthy energy and make ethical and excellent products. and, I want and expect my life-work and I expect it to provide abundance and affluence for me, my loves ones and for others now and for the future, easily and generously.

you can see that I’m already setting the stage to attract the type of clients that are really going to resonate with me, my mindset, and who will be open to similar ideas about growth and beliefs about success.

there is SO much here I could go on about with mindset, and I’d love to hear your views, too….

Yes, there’s also the physical manifestation that needs to happen.
For me that looks like
1— being prepared
2— researching my field, do i need to get my info out there via a website, brochures, online ads or social media — how and WHERE do I find the people who would be purchasing my services?
3— the where will determine what materials I need to have ready to reach my ideal customer….
4— have my materials ready, attractive to my market and professional
5— research the modality of how I will reach them (do i need to learn more about FB ads, videography, social media outreach)
6— create plan, implement through learning goals and deadlines
7— and check in each morning to make sure my mindset is ready, even before my materials are


ps: I’d love to talk you through my client “Why” process and gift you with my two-page Branding Guidelines. Click this link and I’ll deliver it to your inbox! thank you for your consideration.

How do you stay energized and enthusiastic about your business?

here is our virgin Blab, and my first ever recorded live video. so much pull between ‘what am i supposed to be doing?’ and just being in the conversation and trying to find the place to be authentically serving. Finding strength in vulnerability, in community and in growth is incredibly important.

here we go! every tuesday, 8am PST. pop in the box, we’d love to have you join us in conversation!

ps: I’d love to talk you through my client “Why” process and gift you with my two-page Branding Guidelines. Click this link and I’ll deliver it to your inbox! thank you for your consideration.