I have a broad array of clients driven by my desire to continually learn something new, work with someone new, and live in new places. The new places ranged from southern California to San Francisco during the dotcom boom, to Telluride, Colorado and the front range of the Rockies. And back to California again!

I have been an owner, co-owner, partner and employee over the course of my career. I have acted as owner, strategist, branding professional, designer, illustrator, art director, creative director, marketing director, advertising director, photo stylist, photographer, copy writer and wearer of many, many hats.

A partial client list includes: Levi’s  ::  Laura Wieck  ::  Tommy Rosen  ::  Peaks Real Estate/Sotheby’s International Realty  ::  Music For Little People/Warner Bros. Records  ::  Clorox  ::  Chronicle Books, SF  ::  Hidden Valley Ranch  ::  Poulos Brothers – amfAR, ACLU, Zen Hospice  ::  Holly Yashi  ::  NOL-APL Shipping Lines / USWeb.CKS  ::  CenterArts Performing Arts  ::  Tommy Hein Architecture  ::  Luxe Magazine  ::  lumiere, telluride/The Valencia Group  ::  KHSU 90.5FM  ::  Andre Houle  ::  Madison St. Press  ::  Dolce Jewels  ::  Bubble Lounge  ::  Telluride Gay Ski Week

In addition to being an accomplished creative, I am consistent in bringing my years of experience and accumulated wisdom to bear in creating effective project timelines, time/vendor management and internal team building programs, organizational systems, production practices and overall business/product development.


Laura Wieck is a coach, author and speaker dedicated to helping massage therapists, bodyworkers and holistic practitioners in the health and wellness industries create thriving and abundant businesses. Her original goal was a single website that could encompass her new direction into coaching programs that would help other massage therapists duplicate her coaching/massage therapy business model. “While my website was functional, it was no where near a reflection of the true value I offer my clients. Sandy helped bring ME and MY VOICE into the overall look and feel of my site.”

Online materials in existence today, four years later, include new logos and branding, a 34-page high converting sales page, a “squeeze” website with gift delivery for outreach and to grow her email list, along countless digital collateral from social media memes to online course pdfs and day to day social media support graphics.

The goal is to find and serve holistic service professionals who want to provide their clients with premiere coaching that will help them elevate their lives and businesses, and the lives of their clients, to unforeseen levels.

I provide Laura with effective ongoing branding for her rapidly growing business. In four years she has gone from simply needing a website to an accomplished and successful business woman with a 6-figure business that, quite simply, changes people’s lives. I have been her designer and art director guiding that process.

As well, I have been the community manager and primary coach of her three private client training groups. I spent time daily in these 35–85 member groups, responded to their needs and coached them through wins and contractions. I also crafted content for engagement and monitored the groups.

Enrollment is critical and through Laura’s robust ad campaign and informational webinars, I interacted as an enrollment coach to her different programs.

after (and ongoing at present time):
Laura has gone from a successful two-figure massage therapy business to a three-figure coaching program that teaches holistic practitioners how to bring coaching into their business model and turn their finances around. She has 200+ Certified BodyMind Coaches and has successfully matriculated 8+ cohorts through different levels of BodyMind Coaching methodology.

MORE DETAILS: Laura is the founder of BodyMind Coaching™ and author of an upcoming book about how to implement BodyMind presence into your life. Laura travels regularly as an inspirational speaker to promote body-mind consciousness and BodyMind Coaching.

BodyMind Coaching group responsibilities:
Monitor group activity (three groups of 35–85 members). Create interactive content and drive engagement in all posts. Be in the groups on a daily basis as a conscious coach and mentor. Use BodyMind Coaching principles throughout for support and query processes.

BodyMind Enrollment process responsibilities:
Best practices training for every call initiated. Provide coaching to every potential client while inviting in participants who are best qualified to practice BodyMind Coaching in their businesses.

Overall outreach:
Ongoing creation/implementation of graphics and support for team coordination during launches and live coaching events.
Ongoing role in growing and assisting team members.
Website strategy management (Divi and Elementor themes).
Strategy development for new website and programs for ongoing growth.
Development of new sales pages.
Facebook group administration of three different groups with differing levels of privacy and “touch distance” to Laura.

Digital and physical ideation, design and production of:
Unique branded landing pages, banners, buttons and broadcast emails.
Website maintenance.
Social media materials for Facebook to support coaching programs and the BodyMind Coaching groups, including content ideation and creation to inspirational memes for multiple social media platforms.
Business package collateral materials.
Vendor liaison.
Coaching Program materials for students.

Please click here for my Laura Wieck portfolio pages.


Tommy Rosen is a pioneer in the burgeoning field of addiction recovery and yoga. His business includes two+ websites, international retreats and events, an online coaching program and growing video libraries. He desires increased exposure to a broader audience, and better systems in place for continued growth.

I am actively involved in bringing strategy congruency, branding refinement and design, best practices, and parallel/virtual team coordination to this rapidly growing and evolving business. Under development are a membership website/platform, evergreen online courses, ongoing twice annual interactive coaching programs and online conferences, a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program, a coaching certification program and a public relations program. I provide Tommy and team with strategy and creative during intensive launches, supplying flexibility and strength that comes from being his most constant consultant (weekly) over the last 13 months.

The Fourth Recovery 2.0 Online Conference increased unique opt-ins by 68.5%, sales over prior conference increased 220%. Successful events have included Health & Welcome tent placement in the inaugural UNITE to Face Addiction March on the Mall in Washington, DC. Successful matriculation of 300+ students through the Recovery 2.0 #ThriveInRecovery Coaching Program. Three successful 6+ figure launches for the Coaching Programs and Conferences.

MORE DETAILS: Tommy is the founder and host of the Recovery 2.0 Online Conferences (including 200+ interviews and counting). He is the author of Recovery 2.0: Move Beyond Addiction and Upgrade Your Life, and has currently led three cohorts through his online #ThriveInRecovery Coaching Programs.

#ThriveInRecovery Coaching Programs responsibilities:
Pre-launch assistance for the Coaching Programs includes creation of ideal customer avatars and plans on how to reach these people. Implementation and testing of same. Co-creation and testing of sites and landing pages, backend automation and email funnels and sales forms. Creation of any needed graphics materials.
Launch assistance includes the daily, hourly oversight of the “machine” and team in place (zendesk master oversight included). If something isn’t working, I am on the spot to create solutions and follow through on implementing them.
Pivotal personal assistance to Tommy during the 8-week coaching programs including moral and tech support, twice-weekly pre-call curriculum check-ins, daily secret Facebook group monitoring and administration, and daily contact to maintain forward growth. Weekly maintenance of the student portal.

#MoveBeyond Online Conferences responsibilities:
Pre-launch for #MoveBeyond Conferences includes site creation team input, testing of sites, landing and play pages, backend automation and email funnels and sales forms. Ideation and creation of social media programs, and creating needed branded graphics.
#MoveBeyond Conference launch support includes creation of content for social media, team support, live time support throughout 7-9 day conferences with 5 interviews per day.

Overall outreach:
Ongoing creation/implementation of programs for team coordination during launches and live events.
Ongoing role in growing and assisting team members during growth pains.
Broadcast email program and calendar (Ontraport).
Website strategy management (Divi, Genesis and Salient themes).
Strategy development for new website and programs for ongoing growth.
Development of new landing pages.
ZenDesk management.
Facebook group administration of six different groups with differing levels of privacy and “touch distance” to Tommy.

Digital and physical ideation, design and production of:
Unique branded landing pages, banners, buttons and broadcast emails.
Website maintenance.
Social media materials from Facebook video ad campaigns to support for conferences and coaching programs, including boosted posts, static ads, and content ideation and creation to inspirational cards for multiple social media platforms.
Business package collateral materials.
Vendor liaison.
Merchandise/Event materials including bamboo thumb drives, t-shirts and popup banners.
Coaching Program materials for students.

Please click here for my Tommy Rosen portfolio pages.


Boulder, Colorado VC startup Green Garage offers comprehensive car care and repair that “saves money, saves time, and is easier on the environment.” GG was two years old with inaugural brick and mortar locations in Boulder and Denver. They needed more profitability and improved visibility.

As Creative Director and Director of Marketing I created and implemented an annual comprehensive marketing plan that included a smart phone app, unique landing pages for seasonal promotions, extensive social media outreach and a complete PR campaign including diverse events.

Q2/Q3 revenue growth of 25.4%, including their best month on record.
Live news coverage resulted in more website visits (of more than 3 minutes) in one day than it had in three months, 92% were first time visitors.
High profile Red Rocks event produced 3.2% increase in social media likes/tweets in 24 hours. 75% of these visitors were new, average visit equaled 4.5 pages.
Ten days from initiating the PR campaign, referrals from Facebook and Twitter had a 0% bounce rate and averaged 5 pages per visit. 83% of Facebook and 79% of Twitter visitors were new to the brand.

MORE DETAILS: A creative branding campaign had been initiated by CP+B, however, advertising and marketing tactics had been under-utilized for almost two years. In that time, the original concept had grown up, and immediate needs included better visibility and profitability.

EVENTS were an important part of the mix for Green Garage and included;
Wine, Women & Wrenches, Smileage Seminars for women to come into the shop and get empowered around all things car-related.
Red Rocks i4C and Grateful Dead event for green companies.
Local street fairs.
Oil changing events in our portable custom trucks at universities and corporate events.

PROGRAMS included:
Employee-empowered customer satisfaction and remediation training and programs.
Seasonal promotion campaigns.
News release campaign.
Massive social media presence throughout.
Meet the mechanic social media events.
Car stickers and cross-promotional program with other green businesses.

PR included:
Promoting the founder as an expert in the industry.
This resulted in local tv and public radio coverage, and non-stop speaking engagements.
Random acts of smileage.

DIGITAL included:
Broadcast email program and calendar.
Website functionality and google analytics.
SEO/SEM assessment and improvements.
Development for new website.
Online contests.

CREATIVE included:
Digital and physical ideation, design and production of:
Unique landing pages, banners and buttons, broadcast email and eBlast templates.
Website maintenance and refined direction.
Merchandise design.
Corporate materials from training programs to business package collateral, signage and customer experience.
Art direction of photography and print vendors.
Iconography and infographics.
Event materials including booths, carabiners, stickers and signature baskets of green apples.
Promotional materials from posters to direct mail pieces, display advertising, loyalty and appreciation/remediation campaigns to retail displays.
Preparation for major media creative of cable/broadcast television and radio outreach.
Copywriting. “live well. drive good. smile more.”

Please click here for my Green Garage portfolio pages.

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